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Get to Know The Luxe Studio

When the founders Lindsey & Carlos Santiago created The Luxe Studio nail salon & spa, they wanted to create a name that reflected the products and services it offered and deliver results to help their guests feel their best inside and out.

Why the name THE LUXE STUDIO? Luxe- "luxury" in many languages. Studio - not one service. Our interpretation of Luxe Studio is the giving you the luxury treatment in every service offered in the salon. Each of our guests have their own idea of luxury and at Luxe Studio, it’s so important to create customized, result-driven treatments in a tranquil environment for our guests. It’s our guests’ journey and it begins at The Luxe Studio.

It is such a humbling experience to know that since 2022, that has been our focus and today with our growth and owners, and Luxe team members, we are making a difference. Thank you for entrusting The Luxe Studio, and being our guest.

We are so grateful to have you.


On May 2, 2022, The Luxe Studio opened its doors with a mission and vision of making a positive difference in the world one guest at a time and delivering an exceptional experience our guests couldn’t live without. For us, it’s been about a journey, not a race to build a legacy and reputation of being the best, delivering the best and creating a Luxe culture that we are proud of each and every day. We are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to open our doors each day, create exceptional experiences and give back to our communities.


Today, we are doing just that and our focus in creating the best experience with the best products and spa treatments is stronger than ever! The Luxe Studio is rapidly growing and with that comes great responsibility to ensure that we are offering the best to our guests, our team. Thank you for being a part of the Luxe Studio journey and welcome to THE LUXE STUDIO family!


one guest at a time

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